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Dont tax luxury cars like you should

september 10, 2020

Dont tax luxury cars like you should. It’s the same old tale of a company making m청주출장샵oney while the owner lives in gated communities, or lives in a house you’ve never even seen.

Now look at what Apple does. It makes all of those people pay for their phones and apps, too. They buy, and pay for, a bunch of new stuff for a bunch of the people that live there. That’s what Apple does. Not only do they make money, they make money by charging you to use their stuff. They pay for the Apple stores at the same time they take a cut from the users. That sounds pretty good.

Now let’s say that Apple were to do this with all your other devices. And instead of paying tax on these things, they could do the same things Apple does with your iPhone and your iPad: charge you a bunch of extra money to have that little plastic bag they sell with your phone in it.

You know that company where if you do something like buy something, they send it to밤 의 전쟁 their warehouse to be inspected, the same way that they would do in Apple’s home office? That company uses that for inventory tracking. That’s why I believe if Apple did all of these things with their products, you would end up paying much less in taxes because they’re selling the stuff for you. That에비앙 카지노‘s why I believe Apple should pay taxes based on its actual retail profits instead of how much money it costs to produce products.

That’s exactly what Apple’s doing. Because they can make money on their own, because they can afford a bunch of fancy houses, and because of all of these other people’s money they’re putting into their homes, Apple is not paying any federal income tax. (For reference, here’s what Apple’s estimated federal income tax rate is right now: 18.5 percent.)

Which of course is good. Because Apple’s not paying any federal income tax right now.

Because Apple has made these people feel like there’s no difference. If there’s a company paying taxes to government instead of paying it to you, that’s bad. I say this as an insider of Apple: If I saw a company pay taxes while living in a gated community or in a house you know very little about, I would consider that one more reason to be on the “Apple Free” team. It’s not worth paying taxes for.

What will be the impact on the companies you buy from as a retailer? As a consumer? Is your botto

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