ISO certification of management systems
ISO certification of management systems

ISO 39001

Iso 39001 standard - Management system for RTS - traffic safety
Iso 39001 standard - Management system for RTS - traffic safety
ISO 39001:2012 is a standard that specifies requirements for a management system for road traffic safety (RTS). The requirements include criteria for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving the road safety management system. It aims to support organisations, which carry out work on or near the road, to reduce deaths and serious injuries related to road accidents. 

Road safety is not just about how long we live; it's about how we live. In today's world, no matter where you live, road safety - or the lack of it - affects your quality of life. Road accidents kill one person every 24 seconds. There are more than 3,000 people killed in one day, of which 500 are children."

"The standard includes requirements for the development and implementation of an appropriate policy, objectives and action plans for road traffic safety. ISO 39001 takes into account legal and other requirements to which the organization adheres, as well as elements and criteria related to road traffic safety that the organization can control or influence. 

ISO 39001 applies for any organization, regardless of type, size and product or service offered.

ISO 39001 is not intended to exclude road users from their obligations to comply with the law and behave responsibly. It can support the organization in its efforts to encourage road users to follow the law."

Implementation of a management system according to ISO 39001 can have both internal and external effects on your organisation. Examples may be; 

Internal Effects:

  • Safe workplace
  • Reduced damage costs
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Increased involvement of the employees
  • Fewer incidents and interruptions
  • Increased delivery precision

External effects:

  • Satisfied customers
  • Reputation
  • Improved supplier score

Implementation of ISO 39001 can help achieve sustainability goals within;