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Man sentenced to life in jail for murder of two-year-old

september 10, 2020

Man sentenced to life in jail for murder of two-year-old

A father was sentenced to 20 years in prison for fatally stabbing his two-year-old daughter to death on Friday.

The judge said the boy’s death wasn’t “the result of neglect or maltreatment.

He added that the boy’s mother had been a “monster”, “who would not sleep” for days after the attack예스 카지노.

Judge Peter Morgan said he would not apply for parole until he sees the results of a psychological evaluation.

Image copyright AP Image caption John Wettlaufer (left) and his son John Wettlaufer (right) were found guilty by a jury of murder

“He was not able to hold the child, not with the child in front of him, not with her head over his shoulder when he made the choice he made and that choice was his own,” Mr Morgan said.

The boy’s father, who didn’t attend the hearing, told reporters the sentence reflected the severity of his offences.

The mother of two and former rugby player was sentenced to 20 years.

She had pleaded not guilty to the murder of the toddler on Thursday night. She was acquitted of manslaughter.

In a statement, the girl’s mother said she had been “devastated” after the trial and the family were “devastated by the loss of our daughter”.

Image copyright PA Image caption John Wettlaufer, 36, said he was not prepared to put his children through this again

She went on: “John is a good boy, but John has not shown the appropriate discipline, the maturity the proper love for his family and our daughter.”

She also said that she was “still learning” to cope with the loss of their daughter, who was being cared for by their father’s two-year-old daughter.

‘Cruel and unusual punishment’

John Wettlaufer, 36, was found guilty on Tuesday of second-degree크레이지 슬롯 murder and two counts of premeditated manslaughter by an Old Bailey jury.

Police said Wettlaufer and his ex-wife had been together for 20 years and they had been co-ordinating their children’s l카지노커뮤니티ives and school sports together.

When John was three years old his mother moved out of the family home and Mr Wettlaufer lived at a school in Basingstoke, south-east London, according to prosecutors.

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