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Schools to get more control over subjects

september 10, 2020

Schools to get more control over subjects

A school has the legal right to prohibit students from reading “inappropriate” material, while schools in China still have the right to ban books. In an interview with the Global Times on May 27, 2015, Xu Mingguan, head o샌즈 카지노f Shanghai’s School of Public Health, said that “an individual student’s speech should be allowed as long as he does not disrupt the school’s education.”

However, the “correct and correct” reading of any material should always be the responsibility of parents, and should not be delegated to authorities. There should be an appropriate role for schools, and for teachers to work with students to improve reading skills and standards of reading and writing, as recommended by the National Education Bureau in 2010.

“Parents need to exercise control over their children’s reading,” said Zhao Yuho룰렛ng, the head of the China Network for Research on International Education at Shanghai Normal University. “It is important to have proper training for kids to read. They need to know all the necessary conditions in terms of learning. And students need to understand why they are doing something and why it is right and proper.”

The education authorities should not use the right to ban books or materials to ban speech, the professor added. The students should be able to make decisions about reading, “including whether or not they want to learn about the history of the Communist Party and [Chinese revolutionary] Ma청주출장마사지o Zedong.”

It is possible that schools and teachers will change their rules to prevent a future incident, but the current environment is too lax to give students the freedom to choose whether or not to read.

China wants to put stricter restrictions on the use of mobile phones

Last week, a Chinese journalist asked what the government should do if a young woman had been caught texting too much. “Do you think the authorities would tell her they will arrest her?” the official said, according to CNA news.

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