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Security tight for teen murder committal hearing

september 10, 2020

Security tight for teen murder committal hearing

A jury in Montgomery County has convicted a Montgomery County high school teacher and a teen for killing a 16-year-old who was beaten and left unconscious in his classroom during a drug binge in Octob김해출장마사지er 2010.

Prosecutors argued that Michael Ruggiero, 16, had nothing to do with the fatal beating, which was captured on surveillance video. Ruggiero is being sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on Wednesday. He was charged as an adult with second-degree murder in December 2011 for the death of David Allen Lueck.

Lueck was beaten to death while sleeping in his sleeping dormitory at High School 30 and in his room at a nearby hotel. His bloodied body was found hours later in his home.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office recommended life in prison for Ruggiero and the first-degree murder charge against him for the shooting death of Lueck, who was from Washington.

Ruggiero’s defense attorney said she did not want to discuss details of what was said in court, but said, “There is no dispute that this was a violent act. That was the state of the law at the time.”

Ruggiero, a math teacher and former student at Fairlawn Elementary, told investigators that he was at Lueck’s room for a student trip when he heard him talking with someone on his phone. The two argued, he said. When he opened the door, the teen was in trouble.

“I didn’t wantSM 카지노 to be here. He wouldn’t listen to me,” he told police, recalling Ruggiero’s description of what happened next.

“He was going to shoot me. Then it went to (his) room, where the fight ended,” he said. “He just opened the door and the fight was on.”

Lueck was lying on the bed with his arms raised when he was first shot and “his hands were over his head,” Ruggiero’s girlfriend said in the jailhouse interview after the shooting. She said she heard Ruggiero point a gun at her before he killed her boyfriend and then left the area while Ruggiero continued to search his apartment.

Two hours after his arrest, Ruggiero walked into the Montgomery 에볼루션 카지노County jail in a white shirt, dark jeans and flip-flops, wearing a tie. His ankles were shackled. His ankles were cuffed as a sign o

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