ISO certification of management systems
ISO certification of management systems


Scandinavian Certification AS holds accreditation for certifications according to the following international standards:
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 39001, ISO 45001
Our accreditation is given with the identification number MSYS019. For some standards there are further details. 

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We are accredited for ISO certification
We are accredited for ISO certification

Our accredited services are delivered with Norwegian Accreditation.

Norwegian Accreditation is Norway's national accreditation body for technical accreditation and has been established as an administrative body by the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries under the Act on the Free Trade of Goods in the EEA (EU Regulation 765/2008).

Accreditation is the official approval that services are performed in accordance with an international standard. Accreditation is an independent assessment of a company's competence, integrity and independence. As an accredited business, we demonstrate that we comply with current standards and requirements, and this is confirmed by an independent third party. 

Recognition within the EEA

The EEA Goods Act is a Norwegian law which makes EU regulations no. 764/2008 and 765/2008 part of Norwegian law. The regulations regulate the right of EU and EEA member states to prohibit the marketing of goods that are legally marketed in other countries, and introduce measures to prevent national requirements for approval of goods from weakening the free exchange of goods. The regulation ensures that services provided with Norwegian accreditations are recognized throughout the EEA area. 

Global recognition
Norwegian accreditation actively participates in European and international cooperation on accreditation. The agency is a signatory to all multilateral agreements on mutual acceptance of accreditation for schemes where we have accredited businesses in Norway. This gives international confidence in reports and certificates issued by Norwegian accredited companies.

Norwegian accreditation has signed the European, worldwide agreements on mutual approval of accreditation. This includes EA's agreements on mutual acceptance of accreditation.

Norwegian Accreditation is a member of the IAF and has and has signed the international agreements on mutual acceptance of accreditation that the IAF has established

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