ISO certification of management systems
ISO certification of management systems

Terms of Use of Certificates, Logos and Accreditation Mark.

1.0 Introduction

These guidelines have been prepared to provide a clear account of the use of certificates and logos in certified companies.

The guidelines cover the requirements laid down in terms and conditions published by Norwegian Accreditation (NA).


This document uses the following definitions.

Certified company: Organization that either is, has been or claims to be certified and that uses certificates, logos or accreditation marks belonging to Scandinavian Certification AS.

Scandinavian Certification AS: Accredited certification body that provides certification and rightful owner of logo and is authorized to use accreditation marks.

Accreditation: Accreditation is the official approval for services to be performed in accordance with an international standard.

Certified: Certification is a process by which an organization or individual is evaluated against a set of predetermined standards. If the enterprise meets the standards, they are awarded a certificate and achieve a status of "certified". The certification is carried out by an accredited certification body.

Accreditation Mark: Mark that refers to the accreditation authority and identifies the accredited party.

2.0 In general

Certified companies that are certified under Scandinavian Certification AS's accredited schemes are entitled to use our logo and our accreditation mark.

The use of certificates, logos and the accreditation mark by certified companies shall comply with these guidelines.

When certified companies use the accreditation mark, this shall be designed as described in this policy and always together with the Scandinavian Certification logo.

The accreditation mark and the Scandinavian Certification logo may not be used on calibration certificates, test reports, certificates or equivalent documents prepared by certified companies, nor on certified products.

3.0 Certified Scope Compliance

Use of the accreditation mark shall be clearly limited to the activities certified by Scandinavian Certification AS under our accreditation scope. The accreditation mark must only appear in combination with the Scandinavian Certification AS logo.

Reference to accredited certification in a company with a certified management system shall not give the impression of accredited product certification. The certified organization shall not affix the accreditation mark on products or packaging.

Likewise, certification of management systems for a certified company providing services shall not result in the accreditation mark being placed on any products related to the services.

4.0 Accreditation Badge

The accreditation mark is based on the logo of Norwegian Accreditation, with the crown of the Norwegian coat of arms above the letters N and A as a stylised symbol and the text "Norwegian Accreditation". Alternatively, with English text "Norwegian Accreditation". Centered under the Norwegian Accreditation logo, the reference to accredited organization shall appear.

Certified customers will receive the logo for use, from Scandinavian Certification AS.

4.1 Colour

The Norwegian Accreditation logo must be rendered in black with stylized "N" in red – color PMS 485 (when printing in 4 colors, "N" is printed in 100% magenta – 100% yellow). Alternatively, the logo can be printed in all black, or – for use on a dark background – in all white.

· Paper quality

The accreditation mark can be printed on paper with a quality that ensures that the red colour in the logo for Norwegian Accreditation "N" is reproduced correctly based on a visual assessment and the text is clear.

· Logo and accreditation mark

The size of the accreditation mark shall not be larger than the Scandinavian Certification logo, or unreasonably large in relation to other content. The accreditation mark must be printed immediately to the right of the Scandinavian Certification logo.

The logo should only be used in the colors and aspect ratios received from Scandinavian Certification AS.

5.0 Use of certificates, logo and accreditation mark

· Generelt

Certificates and accreditation marks shall be used so that:

  • The certification and accreditation scheme is not discredited
  • No doubt is created about the scope that is certified
  • No impression is given that a product or service has been certified
  • There is no impression that the certified company is accredited

· Promotional materials and letters

Sertifisert virksomhet kan benytte Scandinavian Certification AS sin logo sammen med akkrediteringsmerket. Dette kan benyttes i reklamemateriell og brev som gir en generell presentasjon av virksomheten, eller som spesielt beskriver akkrediteringsomfanget.

Dersom reklamemateriellet eller brevet også beskriver aktiviteter som ikke faller under akkrediteringsomfanget skal dette klart fremgå i beskrivelsen av disse aktivitetene.

Logo og akkrediteringsmerke tillates ikke brukt på visittkort.

Den sertifiserte virksomheten må aldri i annonser, reklamemateriell eller på annen måte gi inntrykk av at det er sertifisert ut over det som fremkommer av sertifikatet. Slikt misbruk kan i verste fall medføre inndragelse av sertifikatet.

· Right to Use

To be eligible to use the Scandinavian Certification AS logo and the accreditation mark, the company must:

  • have valid certification issued by Scandinavian Certification AS
  • satisfy the applicable conditions to be certified

· Use of logo and accreditation mark during suspension

Upon suspension, the business shall immediately cease using the logo and accreditation mark.

The company is obliged to comply with the requirements set out in this document, also when certification is suspended.

In the event of suspension, a certified company may, with written permission from Scandinavian Certification, be given the opportunity to use letterheads or documents with marked or full-text reference to certification under agreed conditions and within a period specified by Scandinavian Certification.

· Use of logo and accreditation mark when certification is withdrawn

If the company should have its certificate withdrawn, all use of Scandinavian Certification AS's logos and the accreditation mark must cease immediately.

5.1 Infringement and Violation Fees

Use of logos, accreditation marks and certificates in violation of the requirements will be prosecuted and required to be changed. If the orders are not followed, Scandinavian Certification AS can withdraw the certification. If the company uses Scandinavian Certification AS's logo, accreditation mark or certificates after withdrawal, or without holding valid certification, Scandinavian Certification AS can claim financial compensation from the company equal to the amount the business would have been invoiced from Scandinavian Certification AS for the certification.