ISO certification of management systems
ISO certification of management systems

Our policy

1. Policy

We will work to ensure that our business is conducted in accordance with the requirements that we are subject to through our accreditation and good business practice.

This then includes an obligation to strive to:

  • Our management system at all times complies with the requirements of the standards
  • All personnel receive the necessary training and possess competence that is in line with the standard's requirements
  • The business is conducted in an ethical manner
  • All personnel are themselves aware of their responsibility and that confidentiality is maintained.
  • Our deliveries are correct (reports and certificates)
    • Deadlines met
    • Good customer focus is maintained
    • We act impartially in all contexts

2. Policy on Independence and Impartiality

Scandinavian Certification AS shall act as an independent and impartial certification body based on the following criteria:

  • Our personnel shall not carry out audits of systems they themselves have helped to establish.
  • Our personnel shall not carry out audits of management systems for which they have worked or conducted internal audits.
  • A minimum of 2 years must pass before our personnel can audit management systems that they have previously been involved in development, maintenance, establishment work or 1-party audits.
  • Scandinavian Certification AS shall not conduct 1-party audits for its own customers.
  • Scandinavian Certification AS shall not offer consultancy services that may affect our independence.
  • Customers shall have the opportunity to reject audit personnel in whole or in part, due to the independence of the audit personnel. 

Scandinavian Certification AS assesses possible conflicts of interest in connection with our assignments. Our personnel shall sign a declaration of confidentiality and independence committing to notify the company should a breach of our policy of independence and impartiality occur.

Cases that should arise, are uncovered or reported by external parties shall be logged and reviewed.